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What We Do


We produce local television programs, and help our members make their own programs for telecast on Cable Channel 189.

ASARCO shoot

ASARCO shoot

We also telecast HCTV and member-sponsored “imports” from other community PEG stations,  and various arts, cultural, educational, religious, and informational programs and series made available at little or no cost to HCTV. In addition, HCTV provides a vital public messaging & announcement service to charitable organizations and non-profit entities in the community, so that viewers are informed ahead of time of upcoming activities and events.



We make TV accessible

Stephen helps out with camera work!

Stephen helps out with camera work!

As members of HCTV, local citizens and organizations speak for themselves through programs that they produce and telecast on HCTV. We offer high quality video, audio and editing equipment and television studios for use by HCTV members.

Annual membership dues:

  • $25 individuals
  • $40 families
  • $60 non-profit
  • $100 business

Training in television production is one of the most important services offered by HCTV. Once training is complete, you or your organization can borrow portable equipment and access our facilities to produce and edit programs in your area of interest.

Training fees:

  • Basic Field Production – $10.00
  • Basic Editing – $10.00

Modes of Operation

Pulse of St. Peter's

Pulse of St. Peter’s

Most of our productions are made in the HCTV studio. Our production crew also deploys as a field unit to various locations throughout Lewis & Clark County.

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