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Who We Are

The Mission

Helena Civic TV brings people together to create, produce, deliver and enjoy diverse television programming for and about our community.


HCTV is a non-profit corporation with a volunteer Board of Directors, a small staff, and a growing number of individual and organizational members. HCTV is

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structured and funded as a “PEG” (Public, Educational, and Governmental) station. We place special emphasis on Civic programming, which includes unedited coverage of local government proceedings, programs made in our studio, and a variety of cultural and educational programs featuring local artists, church congregations, and youth.

The Volunteer Board of Directors

Under HCTV’s by-laws, members of the Board serve 3-year terms. There may be up to 11 members total. Board elections are held at the Annual Meeting, to which all HCTV members are invited and may cast votes. The Board members themselves elect officers (who serve 1-year terms) at the first meeting following the Annual Meeting. A Nominating Committee assists in recruiting new Board members, and makes recommendations for filling slots vacated prior to the end of a normal, 3-year term.


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